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Weekend Activities

Our famous “Tie Dye” Event where you select a shirt from our Camp Store and come to the Hill Top Pavilion and join in on the fun of tie dying with your favorite colors.

Sand Art and Ceramics are always a hit!  We have lots of designs to pick from like cute little bugs & butterflies, trains, ice cream cones & slices of cake to Yogi Bear™, Boo Boo™ and Cindy Bear™ banks.  Sand Art & Ceramics are loved by all ages!

Our Color Time t-shirts and backpacks event is always a full house.  We have special colored markers that you can color your personally selected piece just like you would a coloring page. 

Lunch with the Bear's. Pre order your Child's lunch before 12noon then be ready to have a great time 

Story Time and Tuck-in a Bear is so much fun for the little ones.  One of our sleepy bears sits inside of the Bear’s Den and we read a story or two.  By then it’s time to put the bear to bed and all the little ones get to give goodnight hugs to the bear before finishing our story.  Once we are finished our story, we check in on the bear to make sure he or she is sleeping then we tip-toe off and parents can tuck in their little ones to the car for the safe trip home.

Our “Hey” Rides are AWESOME!!  Saturday night is the “Battle of the Hey Rides”.  Each wagon full of campers tries to be louder than the one before.  We have games like  a beach ball completion, hot potato (don’t get caught with the ball or you will have to sing a silly song), charades and  music and dancing.  A great way to end your evening.

Sunday Morning Breakfast With The Bears is a MUST DO EVENT!!  What a fun way to start your Sunday morning with complimentary donuts, coffee and juice. There is always music and dancing when the bears are out and about. Great Photo Op!  This is the event of the weekend! You don’t want to miss it!

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